Mull Homework

Hello Everyone:

As always, I have put some links below to try at home. The most important thing is for it to be enjoyable and something your child will want to come back to. We have taken a look at these links in the classroom, so there should already be a certain amount of familiarity.

Multiplication and counting songs

1-100 and beyond!

2 times table

3 times table

Time: This link offers you a selection of activities.

Money: This link offers several activities that will help practice skills and cement knowledge.

Measure: This link offers various activities at a range of different stages.

Remember to choose the right level.

Reading:        high frequency words

Letter formation (for Handheld Devices)

For Lewis, Jake, Melanie and Ryan:

Nouns and Adjectives

And to finish…

Checkers: The classic game for 2 players. may only work on a tablet.

Rotate and Roll: A bit of fun


Dan O’Donnell