Rights Respecting School


In conjunction with Unicef we have agreed to promote children’s rights at Redhall School.

So far we have:
  • recognised that children’s rights is a priority for the school
  • ensured our vision and values reflect and promote the rights of the child
  • included children’s rights in our policies and practice
  • use children’s rights in planning, teaching and learning

What are Children’s Rights ?

Everyone has heard of the Human Rights Act. Children have additional rights as they are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation compared to adults.
The state is the main duty bearer. Parents and others who care for children are also duty bearers. At Redhall we try to enable and empower children to understand their rights.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

The UNCRC is made up of 54 articles. 42 describe children’s rights and the others describe how the UN and governments work to ensure those rights.

Who are the rights for?

The rights are
  • universal – all children have rights
  • inaliable – the rights cannot be taken away
  • indivisible – the rights are interdependent
  • accountable – governments have the duty to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of children

Rights not rules

At Redhall we have a school charter with 6 rights

  • the right to learn
  • the right to play and have friends
  • the right to be safe
  • the right to a healthy life style
  • the right to be listened to when we express our views
  • the right to be part of an inclusive, global community

Each class also has a charter

Rights Respecting School Award

In June 2013 we were awarded the Rights Respecting School Award Level 1 from Unicef.

We are working towards Level 2. This includes telling young people in the community about children’s rights.

The Redhall Rights Respecters was set up to promote children’s rights to schools in Edinburgh. So far we have been to Pilrig Park, Woodlands, Braidburn and Currie PS.