RRS 2016-17

Unicef Outright Campaign

Some P5, P6 and P7 children took part in the Unicef Outright Campaign. The theme this year was refugees. We looked at images of refugee children and why they might be in that situation. We talked about children’s rights. Everyone thought the right to be with a family was the most important. The children pretended to be refugees. they had only a few minutes to pack a bag and we walked through the local woods. We tried to think what it would be like to leave our homes and have to walk to find somewhere safe.

We made a poster and wrote a letter to the First Minister. We met Gordon McDonald our local MSP at the Scottish Parliament. He agreed to speak to the First Minister about our concerns for refugee children.


We also wrote a letter to Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary. Joanna Cherry our local MP is visiting the school in January and we will be able to talk to her about children’s rights.

Equalities Week at Redhall and Longstone


During Equalities Week the Redhall Rights Respecters went to Longstone Primary and told some children about our school charter. we sang a song called “We’ve All Got Rights” and taught some signs.

We went to Longstone’s assembly and some P2 children came to ours.


They liked joining in the action songs. We talked about toys. Is there such a thing as a “girls toy” or a “boys toy”?