Welcome to Redhall School

Redhall School

Our Vision

‘Our vision is for all the children at Redhall School to be well prepared for life after school and to be the best that they can be. Redhall School is an inclusive learning community. 

Redhall is a school for children of primary school age with complex long term additional support needs primarily associated with learning disability. Many of the pupils have an Autistic Spectrum Condition.
We are part of the special school provision in the City of Edinburgh ’s Children and Families Department. Redhall was formed in April 2008 when the primary pupils from the former Kingsinch School and St Nicholas School were amalgamated. We serve a wide area with children travelling from around the City of Edinburgh and West Lothian.

Here is a virtual tour of our school.

Redhall is sited on the campus of Longstone Primary at 3C Redhall Grove, Edinburgh.

Mission Statement

Redhall School aims to provide an environment and curriculum which meets the individual needs of all its pupils and allows them to develop as confident individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and effective contributors.

Our Aims

  • To meet the individual needs of every child through a progressive curriculum which has breadth, coherence, relevance and depth
  • To provide a curriculum which offers challenge and choice and allows children to enjoy learning
  • To ensure that all children are able to realise their potential through the recognition of achievement and excellence
  • To develop a positive school ethos through reflection and debate actively involving staff, children, parents and the wider community
  • To provide the highest quality of learning and teaching that enables children to reach their potential
  • To ensure that the school’s promoted staff provide high quality leadership and management and that all staff are supported in their professional development
  • To build and maintain effective partnerships between school, parents, external support agencies and its wider community
  • To work in partnership with parents and guardians, encouraging them to become involved in their child’s education and in the life of the school
  • To work together effectively and professionally as a team
  • To provide a calm, positive and safe learning environment that promotes positive behaviour, self -discipline and respect for others

Our values

At Redhall we value

Wisdom, Justice, Compassion, Integrity

Our vision and values reflect and promote the rights of the child. We are a Rights Respecting School. Our School Charter states that all children have:

  • The right to feel safe. (UNCRC Article 19)
  • The right to friends and to play.   (UNCRC Articles 15 and 31)v
  • The right to learn. ( UNCRC Article 28)
  • The right to be listened to and express our views. (UNCRC Article 13)
  • The right to be part of an inclusive and global community. (UNCRC Article 2a)
  • The right to a healthy life style. (UNCRC Article 24)

When working with children, adults ensure that they always:

  • look out for them and keep them safe.
  • give them the dignity and respect that they deserve.
  • accept them for who they are and not judge them.
  • talk with them and not about them.
  • given them opportunities and time to communicate for themselves.
  • give them time to respond.
  • remember to tell them what is happening.
  • take the time to understand what they am trying to tell you.
  • stay calm and patient with them.
  • allow them to make choices and help them to do so.

We value

  • A positive school community
  • The individuality of each child
  • The inclusion of stakeholders in our decision making process
  • Effective partnerships
  • Equality and inclusion
  • The celebration of achievements
  • Fair treatment for all
  • The interdependence within the global community
  • The natural world/environment and its sustainability
  • A Total Communication philosophy